Where Are Your Dental Patients Coming From?



Here at InfoStar Productions we work hard to ensure that your practice has a cutting edge web presence to attract new patients and grow your business. Each month, we take a deep look over collected data so we can see how your site is actively performing, where there’s room for improvement, and especially what seems to be working. One thing we can’t do, however, is speak directly with your patients to find out what brought them to your practice. And, this information is crucial in determining your Return on Investment (ROI). When you share this with us, we can better tune your online marketing.

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Asking the Right Questions on Inbound Calls

It is important that everyone on staff understands the importance of every inbound call. New patients and referrals are the lifeblood of a successful and profitable dental practice. However, even before a patient chooses to pick up the phone it’s after viewing the website or social media profiles. Your online marketing plays a big role.

When a potential patient stops in, or calls to inquire about dental needs, this is the best opportunity to capture all areas they’ve heard about the office. As calls come in, the recommended first question is “How did you hear about us?”  This allows you, and by extension your team, to determine where all of your new traffic is coming from. InfoStar is then able to take advantage of this data to help your phone ring even more!

We’re here to help you utilize your state-of-the-art website and social media efforts with organic/ paid advertising combined, along with you highly trained office staff to realize a high return on your investment.

This is How to Convert Potential Clients Into Paying Dental Patients

Below is a script showing NOT how to capture pertinent data but for converting potential clients into paying clients.

Sample Script

Front Desk Staff: Thank you for calling Dr. Sconce’s office, this is Tracy. How may I help you today?

Patient: I would like to make an appointment.

Front Desk Staff: I would be more than happy to assist you with that.  Can I please have your name and phone number in case we get disconnected.

Patient: Linda Gratigny, and my number’s 916-988-2323

Front Desk Staff: (Repeats spelling of the name in a friendly tone and manner) if front desk staff doesn’t immediately recognize the name as a current patient, ask:  “Are you a current patient of record?”

Patient:  No I’m not.  I would like to schedule a cleaning.

Front Desk Staff: Wonderful, I can get that scheduled for you.  I’m going to need to collect a little more information is that ok?

Patient: Yes.

Front Desk Staff: First off, have you seen us on Facebook or visited our website?

Patient:  Yes, I actually saw a cleaning special on Facebook.

Front Desk Staff: Ok, we can definitely take care of that for you. Let me tell you a bit about our practice. Dr. Sconce is a terrific dentist. He’s up-to-date on all of the latest dental procedures and he focuses on patient comfort. You are really going to love him. In order for Dr. Sconce to provide you with the best possible care we need to schedule you for a comprehensive exam and cleaning.

Patient: Ok.

Front Desk Staff: Can you please provide your mailing address and your email address.

Patient: (Patient provides information)

Front Desk Staff: Next, do you have any dental insurance that we will be helping you utilize?

Patient: I don’t have insurance.

Front Desk Staff: That is not a problem.  We take several methods of payment and also have patient financing available.

Patient: That’s great!

Front Desk Staff: What days and times are most convenient for you?

Patient: (Provides optimal time)

Front Desk Staff: Wonderful we have (provides date and time) available.

Patient: Ok. That will work.

Front Desk Staff:  Wonderful, we look forward to meeting you on (provide date and time to clarify).  Also, please visit our website at (provide web address) and you can fill out your new patient forms to save time.  Thank you so much for calling and we will see you soon.



WIN $100

Tracking New Patient Calls

For your convenience, we’ve created a downloadable form to tally how new dental patients hear about your practice – is it from the website, patient referral, Facebook, etc. Email us your totals no later than July 31st to be entered to win $100 in Office Cash!

Send your email to:  linda@infostarproductions.com.  Good luck!



Click to Download Call Log
Click to Download Call Log

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