Here Are 5 Ways to Market Your Dental Office with Video


How Video is Forever Changing the Internet

The Social Media World is quickly becoming one where video is wanted, enjoyed and expected. Are people watching all that video? The answer is an unequivocal “yes.” Video Marketing has become as essential as it is ubiquitous to any online campaign.

  • Video is expected to make up over 55 percent of web traffic this year.
  • The average viewer watched 1,182 minutes of video in the month of November 2012, according to comScore’s last ranking report.
  • Viewers are abandoning conventional television in droves, as serious internet and cable offerings multiply in both quantity and In 2014, 19 of the 25 Prime Time Emmys went to cable and internet based producers, a trend that promises to continue unabated.
  • Patients are 64-percent more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it. This is a trend that will only continue to grow.


social media marketing for dentists
InfoStar Productions provides Internet Marketing for Dental Professionals

Here are Five Ways to Take Advantage of And Effectively Use Video in Your Dental Practice’s Marketing Strategy

  1. Show off your practice’s culture. Introduce your staff and share office improvements.
  2. Tease with previews of new equipment, techniques and procedures.
  3. Explain complex procedures with clear step-by-step explanation on video or with animation.
  4. Have your patients sing your praises with video testimonials. They are both more captivating, much more believable and can contribute to your search engine optimization.
  5. Update and educate your viewers often with the latest information and interesting tips.

Video is here to stay, and InfoStar is here to help your dental practice effectively make use of it. Call us for more information on how to jump start viewer engagement! (916) 988-2323


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