Sidekick: Interactive Patient Education


An Invaluable Resource

Every hero needs a sidekick, and our dental health providers are most certainly heroes. The sidekick that offers the most value to a dental practice is the one that sustains and improves the practice, primarily by way of improving case acceptance and minimizing the chances of a malpractice suit. This is what Sidekick MP chair-side patient education program by InfoStar brings to you – an invaluable resource that can increase patient case acceptance, and ensure each client is prepared for any treatment so they can walk out of your office with confidence in their smile and in you.

The program operates by offering a host of resources at your instant disposal, including: 3D imaging explaining every procedure you offer, short animated clips that highlight the procedure in just a few seconds, or longer animated movies that are accompanied by audio clips that give a thorough explanation in 2-3 minutes. There are countless ways to integrate Sidekick MP into your repertoire of educational and marketing tools.

Sidekick MP

Sidekick MP functions as your personal second-in-command by taking charge of your chair-side patient education. The most common reasons patients decline treatment includes simply not understanding the medical talk, postponing due to pricing, or a lack of understanding of the benefits.

Sidekick MP offers an accessible way for clients to visually understand their treatment, despite the fact they may not understand your dental-speak. It is critical that patients understand their options, and what to expect out of each procedure – but it can be difficult for dental providers to offer them that information without losing them in a sea of complex terminologies. Sidekick MP is the instant visual support to accompany the oral picture you draw for the patient.

The benefits are countless, but a few of the most important include:

  • Ensuring your client is extremely clear on the procedure, and minimizes the chance they accept a treatment that they later claim to have not understood; this is accompanied by customizable Informed Consent forms, further protecting your practice.
  • Providing comprehensive education and expanding patient knowledge of alternative treatments. Ensuring they understand the prices, pros, and cons of various treatments and are confident with the procedure chosen.
  • Includes clinically correct audio explanations, which minimizes the risk of misinformation being passed along by a new staff member or similar. This again, can significantly reduce the chance of a malpractice suit.

In addition to all these benefits it can bring your practice as is – Sidekick MP is extremely customizable! Sidekick MP can be altered to suit the needs of each individual doctor, even within the same practice. Each doctor can change his/her own menu and presets to reflect their service focus.   Better yet, Sidekick MP allows for you to add your very own images and movies – this can be particularly helpful for showcasing your ‘before and after’ success stories.

A Chance to Invest

It is always easier to sell a dental procedure when the patient understands precisely what the process is meant to accomplish, what their money is going toward, why it’s critical they receive the proper treatment, as well as offering them treatment options so they are more likely to invest in themselves. As an example, many patients accept full arch dentures without ever knowing that dental implants exist! Situations like this increase the likelihood of an unhappy patient, it fails to offer them the chance to invest further in themselves for more sustainable treatment, and opens you up to liability if they are not satisfied with the outcome and feel like they were not properly informed.

Finally, Sidekick MP operates on the cloud, making it easy for you to enjoy the benefits of a constantly updated service. You can also email any procedure (even if it’s been customized) from Sidekick MP to an individual patient or print to save as file copy.  Sidekick MP automatically comes with English and Spanish writing and audio explanations, but the writing can be outfitted with your choice of 50 languages.

With no contracts and affordable pricing, you’ve already invested so much in your practice – why pinch pennies on marketing that practice? Sidekick MP is a resource that can cement your patients’ confidence in you, lessen the headache and wallet-ache of an expensive malpractice suit, and increase case acceptance for you. Call us to learn more.



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