What can Reputation Management do for you?

Unfortunately, the fact of the matter is that excellent customer service is often taken for granted; consumers expect great customer service, and it is statistically more likely that they will post a review telling others about a bad experience as opposed to a good one. This places your dental practice at a disadvantage when it comes to generating positive online activity. It becomes overwhelming when the vocal minority overpowers your reviews. On some sites, as few as 5-10 reviews may be a reasonable expectation – if even one of them is poor that’s 10-20% of your total feedback. This is what makes Reputation Management an invaluable part of modern business practice; fostering positive reviews and resolving negative ones to present your future patients with a wholesome and complete assessment of your practice.

Reputation-Management-(1)As it is, website management is an industry of its own with many moving parts that all interconnect. It’s challenging to understand and run the many social media sites patients rely on so heavily, and nigh impossible to manage all that while also running your practice. A vendor that specializes in online reputation management can take the mystery out of the process by eliminating the time required from you, and keep your focus on serving your patients.

InfoStar’s “My Dental Reputation System” focuses on turning the positive experiences of your patients into reviews that reflect the excellence and professionalism that are the hallmarks of your practice.  It also actively reduces the effects of negative feedback that is inevitable with any practice. We do this by providing you and your patients the necessary resources to turn those positive experiences into powerful reviews. As they are submitted, they have the added benefit of pushing down any negative reviews to a less prominent position on the page.

wordcloud2Furthermore, we understand that the odd negative review is not at all a reliable metric to represent you as a professional – things can happen that are beyond control. Unfortunately, that includes negative reviews left by individuals fixated on one small misunderstanding that results in a one-star rating.  Often, simply reaching out to the reviewer with compassion and understanding is all that is necessary to have them revise or remove their initial comments. We alert you to negative reviews so your future patients don’t fall prey to a misrepresentation of the quality of care you provide to your community.

Online Reputation Management is a facet of the dental industry that is quickly becoming a fundamental part of every practice’s success.   InfoStar has spent over two decades mastering each step in the evolution of online marketing and how it relates to dental practices.  Our mission remains maximizing your online presence to leave you with more time to provide the care that is the essence of your practice.

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