There’s a Problem with Your Online Review!


InfoStar’s new My Dental Reputation Service is a novel way to closely manage online reviews, and offers the ability to manage negative reviews while securing a continuous volume of positive ones. For many, online reviews become a primary deciding factor when looking for a bite to eat, a mechanic, or their dentist. The primary method of patrons conducting business searches first use Internet review services, such as Yelp, Google, and Facebook; the secondary method is by using the website of the practice itself. It’s never harmful to have reviews from other sources, such as Demand Force, but it’s important to know the vast majority of patients first search Yelp, Google, or Facebook before visit your website.

Your online reputation is often the first impression your practice makes with your community and prospective patients. Unfortunately, good service is often taken for granted and is an expectation, which means patients who have pleasant experiences many times will not take the time to leave a great review, leaving only negative reviews to be considered – a bad review can be devastating to your practice.

The fact is any dentist can receive a poor review, even a great one; it’s how quickly you address a poor review that sets you apart from other practices. Whenever a review is posted on the Internet, whether it is good or bad, the InfoStar system provides an instant alert. This allows our team to put human eyes on the review so that we can determine if there is any issue in need of attention. We immediately get in touch with your office to discuss the best option for the situation at hand, which may be a written response or a call directly to the patient. More often than not, by responding quickly and compassionately we can turn an unsatisfied patient into a satisfied one with our proactive approach.

reputation Management (3)Not only is it important to mitigate the effects of negative reviews, it’s equally important to maintain a steady stream of positive reviews, which boosts your practice and pushes down any negative feedback to a less prominent position on the page. For years, competing Reputation Management Services struggled to attract an effective volume of positive reviews; fortunately, our intuitive system successfully accomplishes this, and a few bad reviews are easily overwhelmed by a much larger volume of positive ones.

A less-known but also very important feature is the added bonus that review listings take up additional slots on Google’s all-important first page. When patients search for practices in your area, reviews from Google, Yelp, and Facebook will create multiple listings with your name on it, increasing the odds of driving traffic into your practice.

Our unique application makes it easy for your office to send an email requesting a positive review from patients that had pleasant experiences at your practice. But InfoStar’s proprietary system goes further than that: it intelligently identifies your reviews on services such as Yelp, Google, and Facebook, and then identifies which mediums lack reviews to ensure your reputation is positively spread throughout the Internet. In this way, we can ensure no site is lacking input about the quality service your practice provides, and no matter where a patient searches – your positive reviews will be there. Additionally, unlike other review programs, InfoStar’s My Dental Reputation Service uses learning algorithms to determine when patients are most likely to leave a review, and delivers the review request email at the optimum time to secure that positive feedback.

The email that the patient receives is extremely easy to use, with a graphically simple, one-click response design. We make it effortless for your patients to add to your positive online reviews.

To further promote your online reputation, InfoStar prominently displays the major review services right on your website. These online links provides an additional algorithm page ranking value for your website, and gives visitors a snap-shot into your online reputation without having to do additional research.

The system monthly fee is inexpensive – and it works.

Call us for information or schedule your online demo.

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