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how to attract new patients using the internet
The Nugget, January 2018 (PDF)

InfoStar founder, Greg Sconce, was recently in the Sacramento District Dental Society’s The Nugget, January 2018. For those who don’t subscribe, enjoy the article below!


As we all know the Internet has become the mainstream of promotional advertising and communications in America.  In just a few short years the public now spends approximately 60% of their day on the Internet reviewing the various social media outlets, creating or searching information.  Remember when your daily newspaper was  three inches thick and was full of glossy colorful advertising.  Yes, it is a memory as in today’s reality the newspaper is quite thin and on its way to extension. It has been replaced by news and advertisements online.  Amazon threatens our traditional shopping experience as it has made it easier to shop without leaving your home or office, receive your merchandises the next day and with a 100% guarantee return policy.  Your Christmas shopping can be done at your desk within a hour.  It kills the holiday spirit but it’s convenient! The Internet has replaced Yellow pages.  It’s now where prospective new patients look.  Remember that attracting “Millenials” and “Generation Z” new patients will help to sustain your practice as they are where you will find your growing families.  So as a dental practice you need to take advantage of the Internet. It’s where your market is to attract new patients.


To stay competitive you need to participate on the Internet and somehow be found among ever increasing competition. There are two main marketing channels on the Internet:

  1. Via a search if someone is in need of a dentist or related procedure
  2. Internet display advertising.

Currently it’s about 50/50 as to where new Internet patients come from.  Half come from a Google search and half come from an advertisement. There is a significance to today’s 50/50 as only last year it was 65/35 favoring a Google search.  Advertising has increased and is likely to continue to become the dominant means to reach the public with your message.


The common ways to be found on the Internet are:

  1. A direct entry of your domain name
  2. A search based on some criteria
  3. A link from some other entity to you.

The direct domain name entry is a no brainer.  A search is a bit more challenging these days as Google has really tightened their search engine optimization (SEO) criteria.  In the past a skilled SEO operator could make minor changes to a website to enhance page ranking, which helps a website to be found.  Those days are no longer viable. To achieve a page one search-term ranking is now primarily based on how a website developed, server speed quickening mobile device page load, site popularity (hit volume and hit frequency), content that answers the searchers inquire and time-on-site.  With the tightening of Google algorithms and other search criteria it has become more of a challenge to achieve page one search-term listings, particularly in metropolitan areas.

A properly placed Internet advertisement will catch the public’s eye with a favorable result just like in the old days  with a large Yellow Page Ad, or a colorful newspaper or magazine Ads.  Repetitive advertising over a period of time creates practice recognition and over time a level of acceptance and trust.  A proper advertisement which links to a website will contribute to the sites hit volume and time-on-site increasing the sites page ranking value.  As with any advertising the quality of the offer, repetitious and longevity are the keys to the desired results.

As with any advertising the quality of the offer, repetitious and longevity are the keys to the desired results.

A proper budget is a primary factor to the success of your objective.  If your Ad is for something everyone else is adverting or if the Ad is very simplistic my advice would be not to waste your money.  If your Ad is only going to run for a week or two I would advise not to waste your money.  My advice would be to offer a procedure or service that has a higher dollar value to  it such as a dental implant, smile makeover, TMJ or sleep apnea, or Invisalign. Shape the Ad to create interest and to reach your target market.

You can edit the Ad to display  variations of the offer  along the way. You should have a minimum budget of $500 per month. $1,000 per month would be better and produces a better results per dollar spent.   A higher budget produces more frequent recognition and quickens the road to results.

Plan on running your Ad or some variance of your Ad for a minimum three months; four to six months will produce even better results. If you have a reasonably new website that is already attracting new patients you probably don’t need a new website.  However, if your existing website, as beautiful as it may be, isn’t producing the results you expected you may want of consider a new website that is an integrated part of your overall Internet marketing program.  You can have an advertising program separate from your website.

All that is required is a separate landing page reflecting your offer.  You may attract the level of new patients connected to an advertising program only.  When coupled with the correct developed website that also provides the SEO portion of a Internet marketing plan history has shown that this formula can eventually reach 25 to 50 new patients per month.

Invest in your practice where you can control and minimize the risk. 

~Greg Sconce, InfoStar Founder

Do some math. If you are investing $2,000 per month on a complete Internet marketing plan and you are receiving just 25 new patients per month.  With only the average $1,500 minimum revenue projected per new patient over a 12-month period your ROI average is 18:1.  There are very few stocks that will return an 18:1 and of course there is always a risk with stocks.  Invest in your practice where you can control and minimize the risk.  Find an experienced company that has been highly focused on Internet marketing for at least a full year.  Ask to see several monthly reports of various sizes of practices.  Remember, a quality offer, an ample budget and patience will produce results.  This is how you become a leading practice.

Greg Sconce
InfoStar Productions


Yes, I’m ready to explore marketing opportunities for my practice!


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