Sidekick: Interactive Patient Education

Every hero needs a sidekick, and our dental health providers are most certainly heroes. The sidekick that offers the most value to a dental practice is the one that sustains and improves the practice, primarily by way of improving case acceptance and minimizing the chances of a malpractice suit.


How Video is Forever Changing the Internet The Social Media World is quickly becoming one where video is wanted, enjoyed and expected. Are people watching all that video? The answer is an unequivocal "yes." Video Marketing has become as essential as it is ubiquitous to any online campaign. Video is expected to make up over... Continue Reading →

InfoStar Productions has recently launched, a responsive website devoted to family and implant dentistry on May 15, 2015. Edward P. Laco, DDS, PC Family & Implant Dentistry website educates patients on dental health including replacement options for missing teeth, cosmetic dentistry, single-visit smile restorations, and offers online appointment scheduling.

When everyone at InfoStar first learned that I had a child with Autism I was wonderfully bombarded with different articles and research that my fellow co-workers had stumbled upon.  I must say working for a company that is so family oriented is not only refreshing but also very rewarding. April 2nd is “Light It Up... Continue Reading →

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