Repetitive advertising over a period of time creates practice recognition and over time a level of acceptance and trust.  A proper advertisement which links to a website will contribute to the sites hit volume and time-on-site increasing the sites page ranking value...


Awareness is The Key

    Having a teenager who is Autistic definitely has its challenges.  Especially, with mood swings and the typical teenager tribulations.  But, I must say, that even as soon as 3 years ago I have witnessed such an amazing awareness crop up in the community surrounding my son.  He has been able to integrate within... Continue Reading →

Visual Marketing at your Finger Tips

In a world where attention spans are rapidly diminishing: video advertising is king. The pervasiveness of technology and media platforms can make or break Internet marketing campaigns, depending on how efficiently each medium is used and in what combination. The average US adult spends over 5 hours a day using some form of digital media,... Continue Reading →

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