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Internet Marketing and Patient Education solutions for dental professionals.

Internet Marketing for Dental Professionals

Owning a website is necessary nowadays, but simply having one is no longer sufficient for...


There’s a Problem with Your Online Review!

InfoStar’s new My Dental Reputation Service is a novel way to closely manage online reviews, and offers the ability to manage negative reviews while securing a continuous volume of positive ones.

What can Reputation Management do for you?

Online Reputation Management is a facet of the dental industry that is quickly becoming a fundamental part of every practice's success.

Awareness is The Key

    Having a teenager who is Autistic definitely has its challenges.  Especially, with mood swings and the typical teenager tribulations.  But, I must say, that even as soon as 3 years ago I have witnessed such an amazing awareness... Continue Reading →

Visual Marketing at your Finger Tips

In a world where attention spans are rapidly diminishing: video advertising is king. The pervasiveness of technology and media platforms can make or break Internet marketing campaigns, depending on how efficiently each medium is used and in what combination. The... Continue Reading →

Sidekick: Interactive Patient Education

Every hero needs a sidekick, and our dental health providers are most certainly heroes. The sidekick that offers the most value to a dental practice is the one that sustains and improves the practice, primarily by way of improving case acceptance and minimizing the chances of a malpractice suit.

How Video is Forever Changing the Internet The Social Media World is quickly becoming one where video is wanted, enjoyed and expected. Are people watching all that video? The answer is an unequivocal "yes." Video Marketing has become as essential... Continue Reading →

Where Are Your Dental Patients Coming From?

DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR PATIENTS COME FROM? Here at InfoStar Productions we work hard to ensure that your practice has a cutting edge web presence to attract new patients and grow your business. Each month, we take a deep look... Continue Reading →

InfoStar Productions has recently launched, a responsive website devoted to family and implant dentistry on May 15, 2015. Edward P. Laco, DDS, PC Family & Implant Dentistry website educates patients on dental health including replacement options for missing teeth, cosmetic dentistry, single-visit smile restorations, and offers online appointment scheduling.

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